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March, 2003 Vol.1 No. 1

Bastard Nation's Executive Chair to be Featured in People Magazine
Move over J-Lo, Marley Greiner, Executive Chair of Bastard Nation, was interviewed for an article on legalized baby dumping that will appear in an upcoming issue of People magazine. Marley and Bastard Nation have been at the forefront of the campaign against legalized infant abandonment ever since these bills first appeared in state legislatures several years ago.

Bastard Nation opposes Infant Abandonment Bills wherever they crop up. We believe they create legislative Band-Aid solutions instead of addressing the root socio-economic causes of baby abandonment and neonatacide: poverty, substance abuse, physical abuse, shame, and mental illness. Furthermore, the anonymity provisions of these laws threaten identity rights reform and the progress of the open records movement.
Read More: Bastard Nation's Position Paper on Legalized Infant Abandonment

Bastard National Janet Allen Elected to New Hampshire House of Representatives
Hurrahs, Huzzahs, and Congratulations to our own Janet Allen, Northeast Director for Bastard Nation. She was sworn in as a representative to the New Hampshire General Assembly on January 6, 2003. Next stop - the White House.

Victory in Virginia
HB 1514, A Parental Placement Adoption Bill, was amended so that birth and adoptive parents will not be able to facilitate adoptions without the recording of identifying information. VARE (Virginians for Adoption Reform and Education), whose members include Bastard Nationals Mary Zoller and M.Jaye Keplar, was instrumental in getting this section removed from the bill before it was passed.

Bastard Media
In addition to rising to the top of People Magazine's Sexiest Women Alive list, Bastard Nation Executive Chair, Marley Greiner, had an op-ed piece published in a New Hampshire newspaper, the Foster's Daily Democrat, in January. Marley submitted her editorial in opposition to New Hampshire's pending baby dump legislation. The Manchester Union-Leader also published the opinion piece, and both newspapers later published their own editorials in opposition to the legislation. Marley also participated in a talk radio debate on the issue with Massachusetts Baby Dumping Czar, Mike Morrisey. Galvanized by the hard work of Bastard National Rep. Janet Allen (R-New Hampshire) and Marley's press outreach, and opposition effort by Bastard Nation and other baby dump opponents in the online adoption community, HB-104 is no longer a slam dunk for passage in the NH Legislature.
READ THE EDITORIAL: Foster's Daily Democrat

Bastard Nation stands in solidarity with those throughout the world whose identity has been stolen
We stand with The Disappeared of Central and South America and their Abuelas. We stand with The Lost Generations of Australia. We stand with those undocumented children sold in the international and domestic black markets of the world. We stand with the stolen children of Guatemala and Cambodia. We stand with those conceived through anonymous high-tech reproductive procedures with its anonymous donors that rob them of all chance of identity recovery. We stand with those adopted in Canada and the US and other countries where records are confiscated and sealed and in any other country where identity is erased for state convenience. And we stand proudly in solidarity with Pascale Odievre, and Les X en Colere.
Read more: THE STRASBOURG STATEMENT, Bastard Nation, Feb. 2003

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Where The Action Is
Open records bills are in various stages of consideration in Nevada, Missouri, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Stay tuned for updates and action alerts.
Nevada Open Website
Arkansas Open 2003
Missouri Open
Louisiana Adoption Advocates

Active Legislation Endorsed by Bastard Nation:
Missouri SB-322

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Bastard Nation Action Alerts are issued to inform the public of a specific legislative concern. They are succinct, specific and almost always call for immediate action. The alert will tell you Bastard Nation's official position on the legislation. It will provide you with a summary of the bill, the action that is needed, and a list of names and addresses of the legislators who need to be contacted. Action Alerts are simultaneously posted on our website at:

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